lorenza rose 09

as we prepare for our 2010 harvest (tomorrow!) we look back on our 2009 vintage and the fun we have all had this year!


thank you to everyone who supported us in this tough battle!

love from M+M


the supper club

supper club founder and mega-hostess tamsin lonsdale at one of her fabulous soiree's with a bottle of lorenza!


lorenza at google

big thanks to david and monica at 750 wines for hooking us up with this tasting at google headquarters!

it was very cool to check out the physical place where most of our internet life is created! they have everything here... volleyball courts, hot tubs, 18 cafe's, ping pong... wine tastings...

they have bikes too...

and umbrellas. and very interesting and kind people working for them! thanks google!

lorenza in mendocino!

nothing like a little pink wine to wrap up a great shoot for wrangler!! YEEEHAWWW!

our photographer, ronald dick


lorenza loves...

Sink your toes into the sand, pull on those Ray Bans and pop open this year's beach accessory "must have".


lorenza loves...

Ad Hoc
Ad Hoc's lovely somm Julia Moretti invited us to splash around the 2009 Rose for her great team at their lineup the other day. The treat was on us when Chef Dave Thomas came out of the kitchen to discuss the menu. The highlight you ask? Blueberry ice cream. Oh, and by the way check out the new shimmery label behind the bowl of ice cream...


word up!


Sommelier Journal (a must read)

Cover of this issue

Sommelier’s Choice Top Releases of 2009

“This is by far one of the most fun wines of the year.”


Thanks Richard Betts (follow http://twitter.com/yobetts)

article here!!!!


lorenza loves....

bouchon la!!!!!!!!

michele and alana had the most lovely evening at the new bouchon in beverly hills! be sure to stop by to check out this gorgeous restaurant