whole cluster press, bitches!!

Live from harvest 2011!!!
Whole cluster pressing is something we are very passionate about. It is exactly what it sounds like: put the whole grape cluster into the press! WCP applies gentle pressure to the grapes, extracting juice from the berries along with delicate color from the skins. In our humble opinion, it is the only way to make rosé!


lorenza loves cindy pawlcyn!

Today my mom and I went to check out Cindy Pawlcyn's new restaurant: BRASSICA! I met Cindy when I was 2 days old when my dad carried me across the garden from our house to Mustards Grill, a Napa Valley dining institution. I grew up in her restaurant and her cooking has shaped my palate! Brassica is AWESOME. I read on the menu that 'brassica' is the family of plants that include kale, cabbage and the yellow mustard that carpets the valley. Brassica - mustard - Mustards Grill. Get it? It has a killer wine program... check out the Brassica 12 AND the wine on tap! The food is beautiful, fresh Mediterranean cuisine that has been missing from the valley. We sat outside and stuffed ourselves with the Baba ghanoush, eggplant fries (OMG), halloumi, CP's trahana stew and a simple and perfect green salad. I can't wait to go back and order everything on the menu! Everyone in St. Helena is talking about it and Brassica more than exceeded the hype. Well done Cindy! We love you!


lorenza loves kain label!

Kain Label is one of our long-time favorite brands and I was so excited to shoot with them last week in LA! They make the best, softest t-shirts on the market! The day flew by and I had a great time dancing to Rihanna and Beyoncé the WHOLE time. Can't wait to see the rest of the pics when they come out. Huge thank you to the entire team including the adorable Amanda + Melanie Kain and photographer Justin Coit!


napa valley through michele's eyes!

thank you to katie hintz-zambrano, michelle drewes and the whole team at refinery 29 for the fun day!

Michele in one of her signature J.Crew button-ups and Ksubi cut-off shorts out in the vineyard.

It’s hard to think of a cooler life than that of St. Helena resident Michele Ouellet. The 23-year-old stunner not only circles the globe modeling, but when she’s back home in Napa Valley, the super-down-to-earth gal is out in the vines, playing vintner at Lorenza Rosé, the wine company Ouellet and her mother own. To find out wh
at a Day in the Bay with Ouellet looks like, we caught up with the local lady and had her play tour-guide around her St. Helena home and 'hood. Naturally, a little dress-up ensued, as well. Take a look at the gorgeous results below, and get ready to schedule a trip up north, pronto.

"This is one of my first 'girly' purchases," says Michele of the itsy-bitsy Prada frock she dons in her backyard. "I've been dressing a bit more feminine after being a tomboy all my life!"

Tell us a little bit about your job and why you love it.
“I am a model and a vintner. My mom and I have a wine brand called Lorenza Rosé. My two careers are complimentary and both benefit from each other. There's a great balance between fashion and city life and a slower pace back in Napa making wine."

You and your mother are involved in an organization to help promote women in wine. Tell us about it.

“Wine Entre Femmes is a non-competitive group of women in the wine business. We share information, education, and experiences, and on occasion, we get together and pour all of our wines for marketing and educational events. It’s a really fun, beautiful thing to be a part of.”

Michele kicks back in her stand-by, in-the-vineyard Frye boots.

How much are you involved in the wine-making?

“We produce the wine in Lodi, which is also where we source our grapes, and I'm involved every step of the way! During the summer, I go out to the vineyards to check for ripeness and make sure everything is looking good. I'm there from harvest to fermentation, from blending to bottling, and to selling!”

A picture of Michele as a child and one of her modeling shots hang on the fridge.

Michele in her backyard in an Equipment shirt, a vintage hat scored in Paris, ballet flats from the Flats shop in St. Helena, shorts stolen from one of her best friends, holding a glass of Lorenza Rosé.

You’re on the front of your own wine bottle! How would you describe the product?
“Lorenza Rosé is a true rosé. We love the dry, pink wine of Southern France and model our rosé after it. It’s low in alcohol, light in color, and made with old-vine Rhone varietals. It's fun wine for all-the-time!”

You're constantly on the road. Can you share any packing tips?

“Bring nothing! I can be ruthless when it comes to packing. I stick to a uniform and never feel like I wish I had brought more clothes. I always bring a cashmere wrap for the plane and a bikini, just in case I end up somewhere tropical!”

"This is my standard summer outfit!" says Michele. "All stripes, all the time!"

What are three pieces you find yourself wearing constantly?

“I always wear St. James striped T-shirts, black April 77 jeans, and chambray shirts from J.Crew.”

What would you never be caught dead wearing?

“I've worn probably everything imaginable on photo-shoots, so not wearing something is an option I've given up! Overall, though, I'm pretty open-minded and love all kinds of style.”

Michele chills at the St. Helena skatepark while her brother shreds. "I love this Libertine dress. People always comment on it," she says of her philosophy-themed frock. "The shoes were customized by my boyfriend and are the coolest!"

What's the most treasured piece of clothing in your closet?

“My custom Vans made by my boyfriend Van Alpert.”

You’ve worn all kind of designer brands. Who are your favorite designers and why?

“I love fun clothing that make me smile and laugh! My friend Johnson Hartig's line Libertine always makes me smile! I'm also into Balenciaga, Prada, Miu Miu, Proenza Schouler, Chanel, Givenchy, Alexander McQueen...on and on! I love beautiful clothes!”

Michele and her brother pause for a family picture.

What trends are you digging right now?
“Denim and stripes! I love all shiny things, as well!”

What's in your closet that you've never worn?

“A vintage velvet Chanel suit. It doesn't fit, but the price was right and I couldn't pass it up!”

"This is a rubber neoprene bikini by Lisa Marie Fernandez," says Michele of her super-hot bathing suit. "She gave it to me after working together."

What do you love most about your Napa Valley-St. Helena ‘hood?

“St. Helena is where I'm from and I have so much love for Napa Valley! I love everything about it: The food, the wine, and the surroundings are unbeatable. The people in Napa Valley make it my favorite place in the world. I'm so lucky to be from such a beautiful place.”

Kickin' it.

What would you miss most if you left the Bay Area?

“Everything. I leave quite often and am always so happy to come back! It’s paradise. Northern California has such a great vibe, just super chill and natural.”

Michele at two of her top St. Helena haunts, Ana's Cantina (left) and Sogni di Dolci coffee shop (right), wearing her mother's vintage YSL shirt, cut-offs, and shoes from Flats.

What are you top five favorite spots in Napa?

“Solage in Calistoga, and in St. Helena: Ana's Cantina on karaoke night, Sogni di Dolci coffee shop, Sunshine Market, and just hangin' with my friends eating and drinking and swimming!”

What's a secret store you love that you're willing to let our readers in on?

“My local secret is Flats shoe store. I always wear their ballet slippers. They last forever! 10 years and counting for me! The quality is tip-top!”

Checking out the long-lasting "tip-top" quality shoes at Flats in St. Helena.

Best cheap score of late?

“I buy lots of men's shirts at the J.Crew outlet in Napa!”

What are some of your favorite beauty products?
“I use Kevin Murphy hair products. They smell soooo good. And my facialist Toni Rigdon turned me onto an organic line called Pevonia. It’s very soothing! I have also just recently got into lipstick! It’s so fun! I have a red one from YSL and a berry color from Boots.”

Ballet flats, Vans, and Prada pumps...a pretty good summary of Michele's overall style.

What are your favorite spots to visit abroad and what is the coolest hotel you’ve stayed in?

“Brazil and Japan are both soooo cool. So different from where I'm from. And I usually stay with friends when I travel, but I like the Bowery Hotel in NYC and Solage in Calistoga for a staycation!”

What's up next for you: In both wine and modeling?

“I'll be harvesting my 2011 vintage and as far as modeling goes there are some surprises coming up! You’ll have to wait and see.”


lorenza + libertine = ♥

huge love to our friend johnson hartig of libertine for naming lorenza rosé as one of his favorite made-in-california products on VOGUE.COM!


Food & Wine

Classic Southern Fried Chicken

Contributed by Chris Ubick

WINE Lighter dry rosés, which have the minerality of white
wines and the berry-fruit flavors of red wines, are terrific with
fried foods like this crispy chicken. Try the 2010 Lorenza
from California
or the 2010 Bieler Père et Fils Sabine from
France’s most iconic rosé region, Provence.

One 4-pound chicken, cut into 8 pieces
2 large eggs
1/2 cup whole milk
1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
1 tablespoon seasoned salt, such as Lawry's
1 teaspoon seasoned pepper, such as Lawry's
24 ounces solid vegetable shortening, such as Crisco

1. Pat the chicken pieces dry and line a baking sheet with wax paper. In a large bowl, whisk the eggs with the milk. Add the
chicken. In another bowl, whisk the flour with the seasoned salt and seasoned pepper. Dredge the chicken in the seasoned
flour and transfer to the baking sheet.

2. In a 12-inch, cast-iron skillet, heat the vegetable shortening to 365°. Add all of the chicken and fry over moderate heat,
turning occasionally, until deeply golden brown and an instant-read thermometer inserted nearest the bone registers 170°, 20
to 24 minutes. Drain the chicken on paper towels and serve right away.


elvino wines

i had so much fun pouring at elvino wines last friday! they do these great flights for $10 and you get to try 3 wines! lorenza was part of the mourvedre themed pouring...
there was a great crowd and the guys at elvino are super cool! its a fun wine shop that is welcoming and has fab things for you to drink!!
all of you venice friends gotta check it out!
xo michele



we've been workin hard for our hollywood homeys!!!

lorenza rosé is being sold and poured at these fiiine establishments!

elvino wines in venice
fig restaurant in santa monica
oaks gourmet in hollywood
la mill in silverlake
lucques in west hollywood
venokado in west hollywood and santa monica
wilshire restaurant in santa monica

let us know your favorite rosé spots in la and we'll make it happen!!

love m+m


lorenza loves...

henry riton!! the official dj of lorenza rosé!!
listen up cuz its RITON TIME!!

the supper club's polo day!

we had a great time with tamsin lonsdale watching polo a few weeks ago in los angeles! it was my first match and i had no idea how dangerous polo can be! sipping lorenza rosé and hanging out at the stables made for a great afternoon!

more about the event here:
the l.a. times
the daily truffle
thanks to tamsin and the supper club for including us!


stars of california

yo yo yo! melinda and i will be in santa monica tomorrow pouring pink wine at the stars of california tasting! this event is hosted by the wonderful ian blackburn of learn about wine and its going to be awesome! come from 630-9 and get all the info and your ticket here! when purchasing your tickets enter the code 'VIP' to get a $30 discount! we would love to see and meet all of you so come on down for some food and wine!


oaks gourmet!

for everyone in la, you can now pick up lorenza rosé at oaks gourmet in hollywood (at 1915 n. bronson X franklin)! its a great shop with cool wine, beer, coffee, sandwiches and more! you can sit outside and get some quality people watching done too. i hear their lobster roll is pretty good so that's my next stop on the LRTOA: lobster roll tour of america!!



this meal at gott's has been taking over our lives here in st. helena!!
ahi poke tacos with avocado accompanied by a glass of lorenza rosé!
its crazy crazy good. melinda can barely eat anything else! we've always loved gott's and are so happy they are pouring lorenza! check out gott's roadside in st. helena, napa, and san francisco!

lorenza loves...

tony hawk!! thanks to catherine goodman!


lorenza loves...

caroline styne!
caroline is one of the best restaurateurs in los angeles. she co-owns aoc, tavern, and lucques, all three are dazzling destinations for you foodies out there! caroline's impeccable taste is reflected in her restaurants, wine lists, and personal style. we appreciate her support of lorenza at lucques AND for a really good read its all about styneonwine.blogspot.com!


garance doré!!

we could not be more honored to be featured on garance's site! we know that many of you have found us through her and thank you for your interest! we have been long-time fans of garance and finally the stars aligned and we were able to meet up in napa valley and drink some rosé! its always exciting to show our wine to frenchies and see what they think since we are making the wine in a frenchy style! sending lots of love and wishes for a beautiful summer to all of you! please feel free to contact us with any questions lorenza@intersectionwine.com

photos by garance doré


pink + white

we had a great time pouring lorenza rosé tonight at the pink + white party at 750 wines! david and monica put on a fabulous event as usual! here is michele working some pink and white looks!




good news

Photo by Viktor Vauthier

Article by David Stoneberg


Michele Ouellet and her mother, Mindy Kearney, who is a wine marketing consultant, have been partners in making Lorenza Rose wine since its first vintage, 2008. On April Fools Day, they will release their third vintage.

Ouellet’s father, Michael Ouellette, got the two started by introducing them to growers and the logistics of winemaking. Today, his daughter said, “His love of rosé and great palate has been inspiring.” Michael is in the wine-by-the-keg business (VinTap). The family has been in St. Helena since 1993, and before that was in Yountville shortly before Michele was born in 1988.

The partnership between mother and daughter is likely to be long-distance, since the 22-year-old Ouellet has been an international model since she was 15. In January, she was in town joining four other next-generation winemakers at a tasting and conversation at St. Helena’s 750 Wines. The stories of the other winemakers, Rob and Angelina Mondavi and Tony Leonardini, will be printed in future editions of the St. Helena Star.

Days after the interview, Ouellet — she changed her father’s name slightly for her modeling career — was in Bahia, Brazil, for a photo shoot for one of her favorite clients: French Cosmopolitan. By email, she said, “It’s incredible here!” She models everything from clothes to swimwear, jewelry and beauty products in magazines and for advertising campaigns as well as some runway work. She said, “So much of my work comes out in Europe, so I am really excited to be on the cover of Travel & Leisure’s February issue.”

Ouellet and Kearney will release 943 cases of their 2010 vintage on April 1. The wine was produced from mourvedre, cinsault, Grenache and carignan grapes grown in Lodi. The vines are between 60 and 113 years old. The wine is produced in Lodi.

Ouellet talks about her role in Lorenza wine: “I am in the vineyard before harvest, tasting the grapes for ripeness and then all the way through harvest checking on everything. I make it a priority to be as hands-on as possible during the blending process.” This year, too, she had returned from Brazil to be involved in the bottling. She is also involved in the label design and “other collaborations, including our upcoming T-shirts.”

“I handle our social media from wherever I may be working out of town,” she said. “When I’m in the valley, I make deliveries, organize our parties and visit our restaurant and hotel clients. It’s been a lot of fun to host parties supporting my friends in the fashion and art businesses in New York and Los Angeles.” She said she loves bringing her two worlds, modeling and wine, together.

“I have found that the wine business and the modeling world are very complementary and am so pleased with the balance it provides me,” she said. “Even though I travel the world modeling, I cannot express how happy I am to call St. Helena home.”

The back story of Lorenza — that one of its partners is a world-hopping model — is appealing. “On the other side, more and more clients are interested in working with me because I have an interesting business outside modeling,” Ouellet said.



our 2010 label! prepare yourselves for the next vintage of lorenza! april 1!